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Online Faxing – The Paradigm Shift!


For decades offices over the world have been using fax machines to conduct their daily business. In the beginning, fax machines let people send printed documents from each other across the globe just using a telephone connection. However, in the recent years, technology has advanced by leaps and bounds and slowly online faxing services are replacing traditional fax machines for office and home usage. 


Online faxing is essentially when you send a fax via an internet connection. Several online faxing facilities let you send faxes through your online account, web browser, email, etc. The only thing you need for online faxing is an internet connection and an online faxing service membership. Let us now look at some of the pros and cons of conventional faxing and online faxing.


Advantages of online faxing


Easy access: The main advantage of online faxing is the easy accessibility it offers. You can access your online fax via your computer from anywhere around the world.You need not spend your valuable time tied to your office desk all day waiting for a fax to come in. You can now access your faxes from any device that is connected to the internet, even when you are on the move. Mobile support: Almost all mobile devices are backed by online fax services.


Ease of use: You will find it effortless to send and receive online faxes even if you are just familiar withhow to operate a computer. You can simply compose an email and then attach the document you wish to fax in any format including pdf, image, spreadsheet, document, etc. Then you add the fax number of the contact you want to send the fax to and your service provider’s details and press send. Now isn’t that a piece of cake!


Viewing the fax history: Once faxes are received, conventional fax machines “forget” the faxes. It is not easy to download the faxes or view the fax history. In the case of online faxing, all your received and sent faxes are stored on your online account and can be viewed anytime. Reduced overhead costs: For large sized businesses, the cost of traditional faxing can be quite steep. There are no overhead costs when it comes to online faxing. You don’t have the costs of paper, toner, ink and machine replacements and repairs.


Improved security: Sometimes, the information sent by fax can be confidential and when the machine prints out the fax, it can be seen by everyone around, which is not a great thing. The big plus of virtual faxing is that you can ensure that your faxes are private and even control the users it is being sent to. No more busy lines: You will not get busy signals with online faxing like the traditional fax machine. So you can be sure that you will get all the faxes sent to your number without any misses.


Extensions and multiple user facility: If your business is very large with extensive faxing requirements, most online fax service providers can add multiple users and extensions free of charge or at some additional fees. Visit this site send fax online. 


Disadvantages of online faxing


Several online fax service providers and plans available: With such a plethora of offerings in the market with many providers offering different features, plans and pricing, selecting the right online fax service provider can be a challenge.


Advantages and disadvantages of traditional fax machines




It’s simple and easy: Many people who are not comfortable with technology or don’t know how to operate a computer may prefer to use the “good old fax machine”.


No change needed: If you have a fax machine already that has a well-established fax number, then you may want to continue the service and not make any changes.


Fax machines are cheaper: Online faxing may not be always economical or cheaper for your business. If your faxing requirements are very limited, then you may not want to move from your established fax machine to virtual faxing.




High overhead costs: Running a fax machine incurs overhead costs of the paper, ink and toner. Even if you send a limited number of faxes in a month, you will still incur these costs and if your volume of faxes is very high, your paper costs can go up significantly. Cost for repair and replacement: If your fax machine breaks down, it can be repaired easily. However, if the problem needs huge repairs and repeated replacements, then owning a fax machine can become an expensive proposition.


Security concerns: Everyone around can see the faxes that come in via the office fax machine which can compromise the security of your business. Waiting in the office: If you are using a conventional fax machine, it means that you will be stuck in your office waiting for the fax to come in. You cannot get your faxes via your email or your smartphone when using a fax machine.


Busy lines: In the case that several people are trying to send you a fax at the same time, everyone except one of them will get a busy signal. This means that important messages will not be received on time. There are several benefits as well as disadvantages of both traditional faxing and online faxing methods. Nevertheless, in this modern day and age, conventional fax machines have become archaic equipment that can be expensive and frustrating at times, while online faxing can be accessed with just a few clicks of a mouse. So, deciding on the right faxing option really depends on the nature of your business, your requirements and comfort levels.